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FireEye Cyber Security Report

FireEye, the leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, today released the report “Maginot Revisited: More Real-World Results from Real-World Tests.” “Maginot Revisited” is the second study of global companies’ defense-in-depth architectures to be made publicly available and takes a new look at the advanced attacks that targeted over 1,200 organizations during their real-world testing with FireEye. With a unique point to observe how existing security products perform in detecting advanced threats, the study concludes that signature-based firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), Web gateways, sandboxes, and anti-virus (AV) solutions – and various combinations of those tools – allowed about 27 percent of companies to be breached by advanced attacks.

“Maginot Line” and “Maginot Revisited” employ a first-of-their-kind approach to assessing the threat-readiness of today’s enterprises. The studies collect and evaluate security alerts that have bypassed organizations’ existing, active security solutions. These alerts encompass both attacks consistent with advanced persistent threat (APT) actors as well as commodity attacks that other, existing solutions should address. For “Maginot Revisited,” 1,214 businesses took part in this study from January 2014 to June 2014, installing FireEye technologies behind all other security solutions to test their efficacy.

“As we have seen over the last year, when just one advanced attack slips past the existing defenses of companies, it can have both a costly and debilitating impact that takes months to repair,” said Dave DeWalt, chairman of the board and CEO, FireEye. “The results of our Maginot studies clearly show that there are gaps in the way many global businesses are secured, opening the door for aggressive threat actors to conduct anything from state-sponsored espionage to cybercrime.”

Key findings from “Maginot Revisited” include:

  • 100 percent of Retail organizations involved in the study were breached, with 17 percent of breaches consistent with advanced threats.
  • 91 percent of Entertainment and Media organizations were breached during the study, with 18 percent of breaches consistent with advanced threats.
  • 100 percent of participants in the Agriculture, Auto/Transportation, Education, and Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industries were breached during the study.
  • Over one-fourth (27 percent) of all organizations experienced breaches known to be consistent with tools and tactics used by advanced persistent threat (APT) actors.
  • The Aerospace/Defense industry was the most secure of the study, with 76 percent of organizations involved being compromised. 

In addition, “Maginot Revisited” offers an in-depth analysis from FireEye Intelligence on what threats are most prevalent in the retail industry today. FireEye Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher Nart Villeneuve provides a look at the top retail-targeted malwares, their capabilities, and their histories, to help retail network defenders bolster their systems.

A full version of the report can be found here: Maginot Revisited: More Real-World Results from Real-World Tests

MTL Ireland Meeting


Another great meeting of MTL Ireland took place on 10th of March in Dublin. 

This meeting was sponsored by Wandera, who gave us a short overview of their product and new challenges that mobile data growth creates. Then we got a chance to listen to one of the MTL Ireland members, who shared his experience in deploying and using Wandera's solution.

Next, Jim Haviland Chief Strategy Officer, GEMA has shared his views on mobile transformation and enabling innovation, giving us the real-life examples to show how companies across different sectors achieved great success embracing the mobile technology.

We've learned about Three Essential First Steps for Leading Transformational Change, found out the results of the recent survey and gained some insights on different mobile security approaches. 

All of this, followed by very interesting round-table discussions, once again proved MTL meeting to be an interesting and enjoyable session.

Thanks to all members that were present and hope to see you again soon.

Jim Haviland Chief Strategy Officer, GEMA


New Members welcome

If enterprise mobility is one of your responsibilities we strongly encourage you to join MTL group, where you will get the unique opportunity to meet your peers working in mobility and to gain insights from case studies, tactics, strategies and outcomes, both positive and negative. 


Android for Work


Android for Work is a new enterprise program designed to increase Android adoption by enabling consistent IT management and secure app distribution through an ecosystem of EMM providers. With Android for Work, IT gets a unified way to secure enterprise apps, manage disparate devices, and separate work and personal data at the OS level.

Android for Work offers a set of enterprise productivity and security tools that are designed to address two of the biggest enterprise concerns about the platform: security and fragmentation. With Android for Work, Google introduces new enterprise management capabilities that should address these concerns by:

• Separating work and personal data at the OS level

• Enabling a consistent native Android user experience across disparate device manufacturers

• Providing a model for secure enterprise app distribution

Android for Work eliminates the need to allow “untrusted sources” to install internal apps on the device. In-house apps can now be deployed securely and privately through a combination of an EMM provider and the Google Play Store.

If you require any information or would like to find out more about Android for Work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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